A Wrist Watch with smart spy built-in camera is very elegant and sober, which goes with both casual and formal wear. The in built camera has audio and video recording which can record for approx.

It is a full plastic and silicone watch which is elegantly designed with a face cover of glass and has an accurate gear driven time of seconds, minutes and hours and its back clasp is designed in such a way that it can be taken out easily.

This fancy watch with the 2.0MP camera built, can be used at any time without drawing any one's attention during the parties, interviews, meetings etc,. without any complication whenever you need.

Smart watches provide a lot of advanced features, such as a mini-camera, connectivity to your smartphone, social networking through the Internet and many more. These watches are a bit expensive and needs to be used in combination with your phone in order to enjoy all the features.

It is very help full for professional investigators or citizen journalists, they can use it without letting anyone know what they are doing and all the important information will be recorded. This is one of the best and easiest way to record any thing you want. The recorded video can be easily transferred to your computer with out any difficulty.

Since I have process of this watch, it give convenience to take photo, indeed, watch is trending to more smart,near the future, not only camera inside,what's the future watch?Does a smartwatch with a camera goes well?-98912-10.jpg